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Silver Antiques Bought


Antique silver is important to us, please get in touch and listen to our offers.

Silverware we buy:

Teapots, Coffee & Chocolate Pots
Tea and Coffee Sets, Kettles & Samovars
Sugar Containers, Tea Caddies
Jugs & Cow Creamers, Tea Accessories Boxes, Miniature Items, Inkstands and Desk Related
Hi Small Silver and Gold Boxes, Vinaigrettes, Snuff Boxes, Tea Caddies, Biscuit Boxes, Cases, Cigar Boxes, Speciality Boxes etc.

Bowls, Dishes & Baskets Trays, Salvers & Plates
Condiments & Cutlery. Table Decoration Cups, Goblets and Porringers. Jugs, Ewers and Decanters
Tankards and Mugs
Covered Serving Dishes & Sauceboats Wine Coolers Jugs & Ewers
Wine Funnels Wine Accessories
Cocktail & Bar Coasters/Bottle Holders Candlesticks, Candelabra & Chambersticks

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