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Oriental Antiques Bought


We offer very high prices for single items or large collections of Oriental Antiques, Chinese and Japanese Ceramics from the 17th through to the early 20th century


We are particularly interested in Chinese works of art, Jade, Silverware, Paintings, Coral Sculptures, Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Cloisonne, Snuff & scent bottles cinnabar, Textiles, Weapons, War medals, Gold coins all Chinese jewellery etc.


Japanese works of art from the meiji period. These works include ivory & wood Okimono, netsukes, multi metalware bronze pieces, Japanese lacquer, Shibiyama inlay. Ceramics including satsuma ware, silverware, Tsubas. Paintings & prints. Samurai swords, war medals etc.


Antiques buyers will pay the highest figure of any auction estimate, so if you are offered £200-£300 from an auction we will pay you the £300 in cash providing you have written proof.


We guarantee to offer you more than any auctioneers estimate and pay in cash regardless of the net worth value.

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